Our Sexiest Pair of Jeans have Cannes-Lions in their Pockets

Diesel’s global campaign ‘Be a Follower’ has placed one gold in a pocket and a bronze in the other.

Ali, along with Publicis Milan, created a film that went straight to what everybody else isn’t ‘tweeting’ about when it comes to the curated and virtualized behavior of influencers. The film inspired everyone to have more fun and be ‘followers’ in an age where people would die to be over 50K on the ‘gram.

Diesel mentioned in their press release that they’re not “judging influencers — (they’re) just looking at the phenomenon of social media through a different lens.”

The film stars real life-influencers Jennifer Grace (@thenativefox), Kristen Crawley (@kristennoealcrawley), Japanese twins (@amixxamiaya and @ayaxxamiaya), Elias Riadi (@eliasriadi) and Bloody Osiris (@bloodyosiris) all styled by big shot Mark Goehring.

The crew were surprised to notice that Ali knew the ins and outs of the Greek airport like the back of his hand. Living in Greece when he was younger, he was able to memorize every corner of it, which definitely came to use when visualizing this film.

The film is sincere, timely and beautiful with a soft side to wilding out, falling in love and being a young teen with a vintage heart.

‘Be a Follower’ is our sexiest ad to date. We’re glad the world thought so too.